The Art Loka
“The Art Loka”- World of Creativity, is a platform to showcase and sell Indian Art works. We promote and publicize the works of Indian Artists. Through this we want to educate people about what is good Art and what is the beauty of those works in saying something that is so human. We, not only have the intention to sell Art works but also to contribute a little in making the world to understand how important, enriching and unforgettable Art works we have in our Country.

We want to be the carrier of the most original, beautiful and inescapable Art works from upcoming artists to the maestros in Indian Art. Our Gallery includes Paintings and Sculptures (Stone, Wood, Clay, Brass and Fiber). These forms of art by Indian Artists, who’ve put their imagination and ideas in works with passionate intensity, are supported and entertained.

A special service by us for those who want their walls to be decorated/ filled/ painted/ sketched with art. School walls, hotel walls, bedroom walls, temple walls etc can be made sumptuously beautiful with art. Comprising a wall with the design and art according to your wishes is done by us. Artists are sent to your place for making intensely lyrical art works on your wall.
The Art Loka
Indian paintings are renowned worldwide for its exquisite display of rare sensitivity and warm emotions. From ages, Indian paintings have served the human kind with different dimensions – aesthetic, moral and political. They have the ability to make ‘local’ as ‘global’ and the vice-versa. The nuances in Indian paintings help us to perceive our senses, especially by feeling. They not only create something unique but discover beauty of life in its vivid forms.
The Art Loka
Sculpture was the favored medium of artistic expression on the Indian subcontinent. Indian buildings were profusely adorned with it and indeed are often inseparable from it. The subject matter of Indian sculpture was almost invariably abstracted human forms that were used to instruct people in the truths of the Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain religions. The nude was used both to represent the body as a symbol of spirit and to reveal the imagined shapes of the gods.